About Shiloh's Sanctuary

The Creation of Shiloh Sanctuary

Our Founder Anne Marie has been living and working in South Korea for many years and she loves it. She works as an Assistant Professor of English at a university, she loves her job and her students. While she finds teaching both challenging and rewarding, her other passion is helping animals. Therefore the combination gives here a very satisfying and fulfilling life in beautiful South Korea. Upon arriving in South Korea she saw the animals in need on the streets. As a passionate supporter of animals, she went to work helping the homeless animals by starting the first TNR programs in the country. By preventing these strays from reproducing more homeless kittens she saved them from a life of misery, caused by starvation and diseases spread through fighting and breeding.
She helped many cats and dogs find loving forever homes.
pretty grey cat in a bright yellow hardshell backpack

S. Korean kitty traveling with his human in a  windowed backpack.

You might ask Why a Sanctuary in S. Korea?

S. Korea is a Beautiful Country filled with great natural and architectural beauty. Their society is both progressive and rich in traditions.  They are technologically advanced, creative and have an incredible work ethic. Politically the government is strong and progressive.

While many of the young people of S. Korea has discovered the joys and responsibilities of having pets in their lives. Sadly, many of the older generations are still part of the culture that did not see cats and dogs as companions. 

While the government has come out against the consumption of domestic animals, It has not been banned. For this reason and for many others there is a great need in S. Korea for Sanctuaries, as there is in most countries.

When AnneMarie came to S. Korea she saw many animals in need and stepped in to help. She helped rescue and find homes for many cats and dogs in her early years in S Korea. As she continued working in the country, she never ceased her efforts to help save the cats and dogs. Obtaining the medical care they needed, and finding them loving homes whenever possible.  

Unfortunately, animals with chronic health conditions rarely find adopters. The sheer cost of their medical care is beyond the budget of many would be adopters.

Over time it became apparent there was a great need for a sanctuary for cats. Consequently thirteen years ago AnneMarie decided to concentrate her efforts where they were most needed. and Shiloh's Sanctuary was born.

Many of the cats she helped were ill with chronic health conditions and could not find adopters. Consequently, without ongoing care, their conditions would have led to slow, painful deaths on the streets of S. Korea.

In S Korea as in most countries, cats don't receive the support that dogs garner so easily. Many within the sanctuary are medical special needs cats, that consequently require considerable veterinary care. While we have wonderful Veterinarians, the care needed is expensive and we are grateful for the kind donors and sponsors who help us meet their needs.

Our goal is to give the cats within the sanctuary the quality medical care they need. So that they can live out their lives happy and content with their feline family.





Two homeless cats on ledge of a building
S. Korea Highway
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The Beauty of South Korea

Temple pic with red flowering tree

Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, S Korea

Korean Dancers in traditional garments for Seollal Holiday in South Korea

Korean Dancers in traditional garments for Seollal Holiday in South Korea

S koreababies(3) 3

S Korean babies in traditional garments

S Korean babies in traditional garments

lighted arch of bridge

Lighted Chuncheon Bridge In Seoul South Korea

'Gyeongbok Palace

Gyeongbok Palace in Winter Seoul, S Korea 

Pretty girl outside of S Korean Rock House

S Korean Rock House