5 calico cats cuddling

The Cats of Shiloh's Sanctuary

two orange and white kitties resting on a compressed cardboard scratcher

We are Family

Shiloh Sanctuary is a peaceful haven. The cats are family and spend their time together cuddling, napping and grooming each other. Spats are short-lived and making up begins immediately.

Many of the kitties are not people friendly, but they love each other. They live out there days in peaceful harmony with their feline family.

They trust their caretakers to make sure their needs are met every day. But with the high Vet bills, it is a struggle. The Sanctuary truly needs sponsors and support from the animal-loving community.  Sponsors for some of the special prescription pet foods they need every month and the wonderful soy-based litter would be on the Sanctuary's wish list.

As pet owners, we know the needs of our pets can get quite expensive, especially for our seniors and those with serious medical conditions requiring special diets and care.

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Toshil the Curly-tailed Cat

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Calico Love

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Shiloh Best Buddies

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Shiloh Cat Pile

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Butter and Bijoux

All About the Potty 

Shiloh's Sanctuary recently switched to Tofu Litter and we love it. It is especially good for kitties with respiratory issues such as Soleil and Pi.

It is dust free and cleaner than traditional clay, sand type litters. Some brands are even flushable which could go a long way toward controlling litter box odors, in your home.

Also, Tofu litter is safe for humans and cats. Anemic cats will often eat clay litter, looking for something they feel is missing from their diet.  This particularly dangerous with clumping and fragranced clay litters. Tofu litter is safe if the cat actually samples a bit into their diet.


Kitty's Choice

Sometimes our cats just won't use the wonderful new litter box we bought them. It becomes our job to figure out why?

The very first step in figuring out the issue is a trip to the vet. Urinary tract infections, kidney failure, and diabetes are among the health concerns that need to be ruled out.

Once the cat's health is confirmed, other possible issues to watch for are they being harassed in the box by a child or another cat? Do you need more litter boxes? Is it possible the litter box is too tall for your arthritic kitty? Possibly he just hates the covered litter boxes?

It will take a bit of trial and error to find the answer, but both of you will be glad when the issue has been resolved to his comfort.

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