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Shiloh's Sanctuary of South Korea

two homeless cats in S. Korea

Homeless Cats on the street of  South Korea

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Hungry Cat Looking for Food

What is the Difference Between a Sanctuary and a Rescue?

Animal Sanctuaries are safe havens where animals are brought to live and be cared for the rest of their lives.

Unlike Animal Rescuessanctuaries do not seek to place animals up for adoption. Instead, each animal is maintained within the sanctuary until its natural death.

Animal Rescues serve a vital purpose in saving the lives of adoptable homeless cats and dogs. A good rescue will ensure the safety of the animal in their care for adoption. They do this through a detailed adoption application, home inspections, including background checks. Adoption fees also play a part in ensuring the safety of the pet. Adopters will usually not pay a sizeable adoption fee for an animal they plan to harm such as used for dog fighting, etc. A good Rescue will also serve as lifetime backup, should the pet ever need to be rehomed.

Shiloh's Sanctuary fully supports pet adoption, sadly for many cats and dogs, it is simply not an option. This can be for a multitude of reasons from temperament, expensive medical conditions or just the sheer number of pets needing loving homes. This is where sanctuaries are needed.

Sanctuaries rely on donations to meet the needs of the animals in their care. These needs include everything from cleaning supplies, litter, food and medical care.  The animals coming into a Sanctuary are often sick or injured, requiring immediate medical care.  This care includes everything from testing for infectious diseases, dental, spay-neuter, and surgery for injuries the vet bills start immediately.

Since Sanctuaries do not have adoptable pets, they do not receive adoption fees to cover any of the cost of the rescue. Consequently, without this source of income, a Sanctuary needs donations to meet the needs of the animals in their care. This is why caring, animal-loving financial supporters are desperately needed. Whether it is a sponsor for food or to help with desperately needed vetting donors save lives.


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Shiloh a precious paralyzed boy our Sanctuary's namesake.

All kitties are special! One of the most remarkable kitties to come into my life was Shiloh. Shiloh had come here to South Korea from Israel through a series of unusual circumstances. I was asked to take Shiloh since he was paralyzed and because I had already had quite a bit of experience with special needs kitties. When Shiloh was a kitten in Israel, a large dog grabbed his back and swung him around, causing damage to his spine which rendered his hind end and hind legs paralyzed.

Someone returning to S. Korea brought Shiloh with him. Shiloh was this bright ball of energy !! Although he had pain, he was still a rambunctious little boy who didn't let his disability hold him back. When Shiloh was given to me, I immediately took to Dr. Kim Hundong of Seoul Animal Hospital in Incheon for a full exam. Dr. Kim examined him and strongly recommended that I take Shiloh to Seoul National University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. I took him there as soon as I could.

Shiloh saw the top orthopedic veterinary professor there, Dr. Kwon Oh Kyung. Dr. Kwon performed spinal decompression surgery on Shiloh to relieve the pain he had in his spine and he also performed stem cell treatment on Shiloh. The surgery and treatment relieved Shiloh's pain and he started to get a bit of feeling and mobility in his hind legs. Shiloh's stem cell treatment was such a success that he had a second treatment and that treatment brought even greater mobility. I took Shiloh to SNU regularly for physiotherapy and the vets there taught me how to do Physio on Shiloh at home.

Shiloh was such an amazing kitty! He got easily excited and he enjoyed his life very much!! His energy and zest for life along with his loving nature made me fall very much in love with my little big boy! Shiloh loved me and I loved Shiloh! When Shiloh passed away, my whole world collapsed. I felt alone, sad and even depressed. Although my other kitties also meant the world to me and even though they tried so hard to comfort me through his loss, I just could not get over the pain of losing him. This ate me up for months. I had to find a way to keep my Shi in my life! My memories weren't enough, I wanted to honor Shiloh.  I had unwittingly created Shiloh's Sanctuary in honor of my dear, sweet Shiloh whom I miss every day, every waking hour. I love you Shiloh!! I always will.


shiloh therapy33
Shiloh therapy12

  Shiloh at Therapy

loving brothers2

Two Loving Brain Damaged Brothers.

scratching post and 3 cats

Scratching Post by Top Cat

The Truth about Declawing Cats

Many countries have banned the declawing of cats as animal cruelty, consequently, the penalties can include prison time. This cruel practice needs to be banned everywhere

People have been lead to believe that declawing is harmless and a simple matter of choice. Sadly, nothing is further from the truth. Declawing is not a manicure, it is the literal amputation of the cat's toes through the first joint. Consequently, this barbaric procedure causes cats to suffer lifelong health issues including arthritis, lameness, and back pain.

 A vet told me that some cats wake from the surgery in such terrible pain they literally throw themselves around the cage, insane from the pain.

Declawing can permanently alter a cat's personality, causing a normally sweet cat to become aggressive.  A cat's claws are their first line of defense, without claws, they may begin to use their teeth as that is their only line of defense.

Moreover, another common issue with declawed cats is litter box avoidance. Without their nails, the nerves in their toes are not protected consequently digging in the litter can be painful.

Non-litter box, compliance is often the excuse given when cats are surrendered to shelters. Or sadly the cat may be put outside to fend for themselves. Without claws, they are unable to defend themselves or hunt to survive.

Cats don't have to destroy your home, keep their nails clipped or maybe try the soft silicone nail cap. That may be all that is needed to prevent damage.

Giving your cat multiple scratching options will help protect your furnishings. If you catch your cat scratching the furniture tell him "no" and take him to an appropriate scratching spot, this will help him learn what is acceptable.

Give your cat a variety of scratching surfaces to choose from compressed cardboard, carpeted trees with softwood, and sisal wrapped post, they do enjoy options. With proper training and preparation, you and your cat can enjoy a long, happy life together in your beautiful home.


elaborate cat patio

The Inside Outside Cat Debate

We have all seen beautiful pictures of sweet, wide-eyed kittens in the great outdoors, exploring lush green paradises. But sadly this is not the reality for cats allowed to roam free.

Cats permitted outside even if they stay in their own yard, are at great risk. The threat is from a multitude of dangers, everything from dogs, wildlife, mentally ill humans, lawn tools, toxic poisons, cars to deadly viruses. Vaccines exist for many of the diseases, nevertheless they do not offer 100% protection.

Many fear they are depriving their cat of their natural right to be free outdoors, conversely as a person who has rescued many cats off the streets. Not one of them has any desire to return to their old life, on the streets. Accordingly, a sunny window and fresh air are all they need to be completely content.

There are safer options than allowing a cat who insists on enjoying the outdoors to roam freely. Such as Catios = enclosed cat patios and walking them on a harness. These options won't give total protection but are far safer than allowing a cat to roam free.

A catio can be as large and elaborate as you can dream or as simple as an enclosed cage attached to the outside of a window. There are plans available online for building your own catios, in addition, there's the option to buy a kit or a prebuilt unit.