Ming beautiful fluffy grey cat

The Special Medical Cats of Shiloh Sanctuary

Some of the Special Medical Needs cats

Toshil sleeping (sleeping kitty)
Pretty dark calico

Nixy has brain damage there isn't a firm diagnosis, but most likely she has Rem Behavior Disorder. She has a brain tumor a cataract in her left eye and vision issues. She has seizures when she sleeps.

Tyche Sitting

Tyche was hit by a car, a year before he was brought to the sanctuary. He sustained a fractured pelvis and spine and went without medical care for that year.

He has Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, FIV+, and GSPC. His teeth were removed in September of 2017.

Tyche requires sub q fluids, insulin, and pain meds daily. He also needs to be seen frequently by his vet for bloodwork.



Freya has stage 4 CKD Chronic Kidney Disease, and a dental issue called LPGS Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis.

She requires daily sub q fluids, medications, and a special diet. Frequent vet care and bloodwork. Freya has come a long way but is still aggressive. Any change in her routine triggers her aggression.

butter single 1

Buttercup physically handicapped fractured right femur that did not heal right. She was spayed times the final time at the Seoul National University's Veterinary Hospital in 2012.

She also has Severe Otitis Media the symptoms include whole body temporary paralysis and rapid eye movements. Her right eye had a perforated cornea and 30% vision.

She requires regular vet care for the care of her ears and eyes.

Shilohs Hope

 Hope is physically handicapped with 3 fractures to her right leg. Gall Stones weakness of the liver and pancreatitis.

She was recently hospitalized on for emergency care for her pancreatitis and gallstones and may require removal of her gallbladder.

ShilohsAthena1 (1) (1)

Athena is another kitty with LPGS.  She is also aggressive and must be handled with care.

pretty calico with white split face orange on one side black on the other

Scarlett has a heart issue,  LPGS, and  Hypothyroidism.

beautiful ming grey fluffy cat

Ming Ming Mega Colon, chronic constipation, Respiratory problems allergic bronchitis

Calico cat

Chanteclair has LPGS and needs major dental work. She may need to have all of her teeth extracted to help control the condition and the pain it causes.

Beatiful Calico girl

Pi is a beautiful girl who has Respiratory issues.


Freyalyingdown.jpg12 (1)
Freya3.jpg1 (1)
freyabetter.jpg10 (1)
freyaclosesleep1 (1) (1)


Freya has been in the sanctuary for nine years. She was rescued as a kitten from a busy intersection, by a very kind British man. Her rough start left its mark. She is sensitive and can be aggressive when things are not kept consistent, she does not like change.

She has stage 4 CKD and LPGS she requires daily fluids, medication, and a special diet to maintain who health. She sees her vet at least once a week and sometimes daily. She needs bloodwork at least once a week, to monitor her HCT and other levels to monitor her CKD.


Tyche fluids at vet

Tyche receiving fluids

stitches, Tyche

                         Healing Incision

Tyches wound with medication bandage

Back Post Surgery


Tyches mouth prior to surgery

tyche recovering from surgery

                               Tyche feeling so much better.


Tyche was brought to the sanctuary last year in very sad shape. He had been living on the streets of S. Korea for over a year after being hit by a car. He somehow managed to survive with a fractured pelvis and spine.

Tyche required immediate surgery upon coming into the sanctuary. He had to have infected tissue removed from his back.

He has several health issues including Diabetes, CKD, GSPC  and he is FIV+ but he is a truly sweet boy. Due to the GSPC, he had to have all of his teeth removed. He requires daily sub q fluids and medicines.


Tyche recovering from surgery.


Hope at the 24 hour emergency vet
Hope orange and white cat resting on a bed
Hope recovering food dishes
Hope sleeping
Hope looking back at photographer


Hope is a disabled kitty came to the sanctuary with a poorly healed fractured leg that had been broken in three places. She was seen at SNU they found she also had a fractured pelvis, and spine most likely from a car accident.

It was decided as she was using the damaged leg without discomfort that surgery was not required.

Hope was hospitalized at the emergency 24-hour hospital this summer. She was very ill with pancreatitis, gallbladder, and blockage from a gallstone. She recovered but must stay on the appropriate diet for her Pancreatitis.




nixy close 21
Nixy floor1
nixy in grey1


Nixy came to the Sanctuary after Anne Marie was asked to help rescue her from a storm drain in the rain. The fire department was called to help rescue Nixy from the storm drain.

Once rescued it was clear there was a problem with one of her eyes. She was taken immediately to the sanctuary's vet.  She has a cataract in the one eye and there are issues with the other as well.

Nixy also has a suspected sleep disorder called Rem Behavior Disorder. She has seizures every time she goes to sleep. It is possible she has a brain tumor.

Nixy head shot


Scarlett grey 1
Scarlett TNR 12
Scarlett on grey striped bedding
scarlett undercover 1

Scarlett was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism October 2, 2018 our Vet says it will be very expensive to treat her, but she deserves every possible chance to live and be happy. She also has a heart issue and LPGS.

Scarlett was one of the first kitties I TNR. She lived outside in the neighborhood after a couple of the cats became very ill and seen by our vets, it became apparent they were getting into poison. We were preparing to relocate so I set about trying to trap Scarlett. After 3 days of waiting down the street all night, I sat down on the curb next to the trap and looked at Scarlett who was very hungry, as the only food was in the trap and I said, "Scarlett, will you please just go into the trap? In a very soft voice. She came right over and walked right in. I covered her up and we went home. I was so relieved. She went to the vet the next morning for a full checkup.




Buttercup sleeping in lime green bed calico cat
butterawake 1
Butter in pink bed 1


 Buttercup is a sweet loving kitty. She loves and cares for the other kitties, and also sets off the alarm if someone is getting ill and trying to hide the fact.

Butter was rescued with 3 fractures in her right femur. Was spayed 3 times due to continued cycling into season after the first two spays.

She also has severe Otitis Media and vision issues from a cataract after an ulcer perforated her cornea.

She requires regular medical care and monitoring of her ears and eyes.


close up of Buttercup calico cat

Ming Ming

Ming in sink 1
Ming Ming waiting for dinner 1
ming on stack 1
Ming on lavender 1

Ming Ming a beautiful kitty with a sad interesting story. Ming was put in a bag and thrown down by the river. I suspect a breeder tossed her away as defective because of her megacolon.

She saw many vets at different clinics and no one was able to resolve her issue with defecation. The vets had to manually remove the impacted stool from her intestines a horribly painful procedure for the poor kitten. Care must be taken with her diet or her intestines cause her a great deal of pain as she cannot defecate. She is on Royal Canin Hypoallergenic. She also has upper respiratory issues and keeping her groomed seems to help with her allergic Bronchitis.

Ming Ming is having respiratory problems and needs blood work, xrays and also needs to have her Thyroid checked.

Update: Our beautiful, precious Ming Ming passed in February 2019 of Lung Cancer she received the best of care from our wonderful veterinarians. She is missed by her caregivers and feline family.

ming shaved in pink 1
calico cat Chanteclair grooming


Chanteclair has LPGS a painful dental condition that requires more frequent dental cleanings, pain medication, and long-acting steroid shots. The vet may decide she needs to have all of her teeth removed to control her pain and inflammation. This surgery will run about a $1000


Chanteclairs inflamed gums


Athena is also an LPGS kitty she is an aggressive kitty that requires careful handling.  She needs medication for pain and inflammation.

Athenas inflamed mouth
pi stripes and flower 1


Pi is a beautiful loving girl who takes care of her kitty family loving and grooming them. Her main issue at this time is respiratory. She also has some dental issues and requires more frequent dental cleanings.


Pi Calico kittylying down